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1 AI app deployment credit
1 vector data source usage
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Basic debugging tools
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5 AI apps deployment credits
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Unlimited vector data sources usage
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BotSquare is a low-code AI app development platform that enables you to create AI bots effortlessly and deploy them across multiple channels.

AI bots developed using our DevPortal can utilize advanced LLuMs (Language Models) and vector data sources to perform a wide range of personal and business tasks.

DevPortal is designed for everyone! Whether you're a student seeking a personalized study buddy or a business owner in need of customer relations assistance, you can utilize DevPortal to create AI bots tailored to your specific requirements.

With DevPortal, you can easily create AI bots by simply dragging and dropping modules, connecting docs, customizing them with preferred LLuMs, and integrating your own data sources. Additionally, deploying these bots to multiple channels for your users requires just a single click.

Not at all! DevPortal empowers you to construct AI bots effortlessly through drag-and-drop blocks and a few clicks – it's as simple as building with Lego bricks. However, for programming experts, coding options are available to unlock the full potential of AI.

The bots you create can be seamlessly deployed across various channels. Currently, they can be used on platforms like WeChat and your own website through webhook integration. Keep an eye out, as we continuously add support for new channels!

Absolutely! The bots you create are accessible to the users you wish to engage with across all supported channels.